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Damaged Laptop Motherboard: Should I Get it Repaired or Not?

June 20, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Computer System   |   4 Comments» | 23,275 views

Our last post, we talked about “What to do When Your Laptop Touch Pad is Not Working Properly“, today it’s on “Damaged Laptop Motherboard: Should I Get it Repaired or Not?

Learning that your laptop motherboard is going bad and needs repair can be unsettling for many computer users. Aside from the fact that repairing a damaged motherboard is a difficult task, the repair itself can be expensive as well.  When you come to this situation, what will you do? Would you get your damaged motherboard repaired or not? Most Singaporean will usually outsource or get a laptop repair company to help them.

Before you move on and rush to one of the nearest computer repair shop in your area and get your motherboard repaired, I suggest you to stop and think, not only twice, but many times. Weigh out your options first. Find out how much getting a repair would cost you. You should also think about getting a new laptop if the cost would be just a little less than the repair cost. Consider if the repair costs worth it. Do you think your laptop motherboard will last for long when you get it repaired? Or will it be better if you will just add more money to your budget and just go ahead buy new laptop?Repair Laptop Motherboard

Now, if you think that your old laptop is functioning properly, getting a motherboard repair might be a better option. Computer parts going bad and requires repair is just a common case for most users and is usually inevitable. You should also consider that when you buy a new laptop, there are some instances that it may require repairs after some time. Good for you if the motherboard goes bad within the warranty period. If not, then you have to shoulder the cost.

It is common to have laptop parts go bad after a period of time. Just like in appliances, vehicles and desktop computers, laptops are prone to damage. While they have sturdy external cases and have minimal moving parts, power fluctuations and heat may cause damage to it. Slight toss here and there can be contributing factor for damage.

Prevention is better than cure. So to avoid serious problems in your laptop computers, make sure that it is always dust-free. Check its vent areas often for blockage or dust to prevent over-heating. You may use compressed air or vacuum to clean those areas. You should also have to make sure that you’re using a quality laptop power adapter. As much as possible, avoid plugging your laptop to overcrowded power outlet and unstable power supply. These will help prolong your laptop’s lifespan.

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